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Welcome to the Yodeller: my ongoing project to try and write something every day. You can read more about the background from here. If you are a new reader you might want to start from the beginning.

Quick decisions

It usually takes a long time to make a decision. Too long sometimes so that you actually end up deciding against doing it. You might also take too long to thing so the opportunity to do the thing might have already passed once you finally reach the decision.

The more you think the more negative things you might find against the decision. And that just makes it more unlikely to end up doing the thing. But if you don't think carefully, you might end up doing something that you shouldn't do. 

Where is the good line between considering enough about your actions without thinking too much to not do it? Of course, there should always be some consideration about whether it's a good thing to do something. But sometimes it's better to throw yourself in the moment. As long as the decision to do so isn't too big.

After all, it should only apply to those "maybe" things you should do. If your first instinct is either yes or no then it's clear. And if you don't immediately conclude you shouldn't do something it couldn't be that bad that you shouldn't at least try to do it. So just do it!

Proud, but sad

Out of the over 14 000 applicants, 180 swimmers only 77 made it through the Piscine period and was admitted to the Hive school. And my son was one of those few who made it. I'm so proud of him. I had no doubts he wouldn't get in. He really worked hard and gave his everything during the Piscine.

But at the same time, I'm sad. The school is quite far away. And despite being the modern school the one modern aspect they are lacking is the remote studies. It's all on-site. So it's quite a long way to the school should he stay living under our roof. And that's what he has already decided not to do. He is looking for an apartment closer to the school. His first own apartment.

It feels weird and sad. Yet it has been inevitable. He's an adult now, he can do on his own. It's just that the time has passed so fast. It's still hard to grasp that he's a grown-up now. He's in a verge of starting his own life. I'm sure he'll do just fine on that as well. And I'm sure that new life won't be completely devoid of us either.

Vacation, the last few days

This part of my vacation has passed almost as fast as the first part. There were those couple of days before the trip. But those were mostly spent preparing and waiting for it. And now there is just this half a week left.

I was planning on not doing too much during my final days. But at the same time I was worried how can I pass the time without anything to do. There was this one event I knew was coming this weekend. But then other things started appearing into my schedule. Soon I had rest of the week full already.

That was a bit too much, and i already started planning on canceling out some of those things. But I didn't really know which one. They were all kinda intriguing. Luckily one of those canceled out itself, so i have to choose. I think the rest are a manageable amount of things to do to cover both my need to do something and still give me enough free time to feel like being on vacation.

This two weeks vacations seem to work nicely. Enough time to get off from work rhythm. But not too long to get bored and start to miss back to work.

Getting out of the city

This was my fourth time visiting Dublin. And like all the previous times,  didn't get out of the city this time either. Except on my way to and from the airport.

There is a lot to see outside Dublin. Many things I would really like to see. But there is never enough time to arrange a trip there. So far, every time I have been in Dublin has been because of some event.  And during those events, there is hardly enough time to go around and see some of the closer attractions. And there are many of those as well.

Maybe some day will be able to come here just for the sake of it. Spend a week or two just strolling around the countryside. Visit Belfast as well once I have time as have heard it's a nice place too.

I don't know when would I have a chance for such a holiday. But when do I sure have plans ready. The problem is, it seems I find new things every time so once I finally get to it, there might not be enough time for all then either. Maybe I need a whole month to hang around, or two.

Time makes the difference

After a long day, the last day I thought of relaxing first watching a movie before writing. Then realized the movie would run until after ten o'clock local time. That wouldn't be too late normally. But here, we are two hours behind my normal timezone. So it would be past midnight already. Too late to keep my streak alive.

Sure, I could have just changed the timezone to keep up with the time difference and not to worry about it. But why bother. It's better to get this done anyway now. It's the last day anyway before returning back home and to the normal time.

There is some time needed to get used to the different time. But after a few days, you don't even think about it anymore. So far  I haven't had the need to worry about it as I have been writing earlier so it hasn't mattered. Good that I didn't leave it later on any other day, assuming I would still have time.

So once again, the streak goes on. This was one of the rare occasions when it got close to breaking. There are so many things to consider. Now, it's time to get back to enjoying the movie.