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Welcome to the Yodeller: my ongoing project to try and write something every day. You can read more about the background from here. If you are a new reader you might want to start from the beginning.

Time flies

It hard to keep track of time when you are having fun, or are busy. I didn't even realize it was already a lot o'clock. Good thing it didn't go after midnight.

It's been a busy day indeed. A lot of things to do. Even more of those last minute realizations of what still needs to be done. And then all the unexpected issues. It definitely hasn't been a boring day.

But it has all been worth it. Earlier in the day when we fired up the engines for the first time and successfully ran the full jump was a moment to celebrate. Everything was working as expected. Then, later during the evening, when the first players started to arrive, seeing their amazed faces was priceless.

Tomorrow it's showtime. The game finally kicks in and everything we have build is but into a real test. Now, it's time to get some rest after a long day so I can be sharp tomorrow.

It really starts to show how tired I am as I'm really struggling here to try and fill the two hundred word limit. I really should have written this in the morning. But I thought we were ready enough that I could leave early.

One more day

Our spaceship starts finally be in shape. Sure, there is still a lot of extra stuff lying around everywhere, but most of the things start to be where they are supposed to be. All systems have been installed and tested. 

Only some minor adjustments and finishing touches are needed. And that's pretty much what we have time for before the first players arrive. After that, there isn't much we can do anymore. We just need to be happy with what we got. But luckily that is quite much. I'm sure the players will be awestruck when they see what we have built for them.

After that, it's luckily getting a bit easier. No need to worry about getting everything ready in time. Just need to hope everything works and nothing broke down along the way. And making sure the game proceeds as planned. Triggering events every now and then as planned, or by demand if the situation starts to seem like it needs more action.

After all the games, in a bit over two weeks it will be a sad day when we need to start tearing down everything we have built. But in a sense it will also be a relief: it's all finally done.

A small mistake

I just had everything written down. A good post (or at least that's what I like to think) was lost due to a small misclick. It has been quite a while since this has happened previously.

But why am I not writing that same text again? Or at least write about the same topic. Instead, I'm writing about the mistake itself.

Well, I could write that post some other day. It wasn't so much tied to this particular day, or situation. And I'm sure it can wait just a bit longer. This mishap, on the other hand, happened today, just a moment ago. And it's something that is on top of my mind at the moment.

I'm frustrated. I had everything done and I was ready to go to sleep. But instead, now I need to write another post, another 200 words before that. It's not fun. Especially as it's this late once again.

I could learn something from this. But is it really worth it? There is probably no need to do any changes to prevent this from happening in the future. So far, it has happened only a couple of times. Isn't really worth it yet. I just need to remember to be more careful. Maybe I was after the last time too. But after so long without an accident you tend to get more comfortable.

Off to a vacation

Tomorrow, my vacation officially starts. The last three days have just been national holiday and a weekend. And while it was nice to spend the midsummer at the cottage again it wasn't actually too much rest.

However I won't be getting much of free time and rest during my vacation either. These next two weeks will be busy ones building and running the game we are organising.

But that was the idea. It requires so much work it has been quite demanding working there just part time along my day job. So now I have two weeks when I essentially only need to do one jobs worth of hours in total. Except it will probably take more than the regular eight hours a day as well as being seven days a week instead of five. At least the first week. After that it should get a bit less demanding.

And in one more week after that it will all be over. Then, I finally have time to rest. Then, I will only have my regular work hours to take care of. And then, I need to make sure I actually use some time to rest and not just jump right into the next project. 


Categories of posts

There are different ways to categorize what I write. For some time now i have used tags to roughly give an idea what the post is about. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of earlier posts with no tags. Maybe I should go back and tag all of them as well someday.

In addition to tags there are many posts that fall into one or more general categories by the type and topic. Like these kind of meta posts where i talk about my writing or texts that just tell about my day. Then there are those posts about my thoughts, the ones with some advice or wisdom. There has also been some posts about the events I have attended, travel posts and movie or book reviews.

The can also be grouped by the time I have written them. The morning posts and the evening posts. And those rare ones I have written there somewhere in between, during the day. 

And then there are the ones that are mostly just some random thoughts and ramblings simply to get the writing done.

Length could be yet another criteria to distinguish different kind of posts. The one's that are just above 200 words, the ones that are quite a bit longer and another few that have been written before the 200-word limit and are even shorter.