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The real struggle

I don't have problems writing 200 words at any time. After these two years, I believe I could do it any time, anywhere and about any topic. But still, sometimes it's these late evening moments when I'm struggling to get the writing done.

It's not about the writing itself. It's just that I can't get started. I keep procrastinating to the last moment. And I don't know why. I should be comfortable with this task by now. It can't be that I'm shying away from it. And it can't be about the topic either. As I said I believe I could manage to write just about anything.

And I still do have ideas to write about. It's not even the difficulty of choosing one among them. I know someday I want to write about every one of them. So I'm not in a hurry, I can just pick any of them and start writing.

So why there always seems to be a dozen other things that appear to be more urgent or interesting than this? I don't have the same problem in the morning. Then, I can just have it done and move on. 

I should really get back to the habit of always writing in the morning.