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Just one more thing

It's hard to start when you have a lot of things to do. It can feel daunting. You feel overwhelmed, unsure of where to start. You just need to star with something, anything. Doesn't matter what as long as you do it.

Then you have it going on already. Doing things. And then more things. Until you run out of time. You have done everything, maybe even a bit more along with all the things that happen to come across during the day. But you are still not done enough at the end of the day. Maybe you are missing just a few ones to reach your target. Maybe even more. It's time to make the decision: make or break.

It would be easy to just let go and break the chain. Start over again tomorrow. But if I just do a couple more things. And then I'm already there, just a few more that I can surely still squeeze in. It's not that hard. And it's ok to do the bare minimum as long as I do at least something. That's still better than nothing.

And there you are, another perfect day keeping up the streak. It wasn't that hard. And without it there would have been couple of things left undone. Nothing critical, but a little something anyway.