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Procrastinating breaking the streak

Every now and then I feel like I should break my writing streak. It's inevitable, I know. And I want to make it on my own terms.

But when I get to it I manage to postpone it. Every time. First, I at least need to write about it. I owe you,  readers, the explanation why there won't be a post tomorrow.

The next day, usually one of the following happens:

There is something interesting to write about that I just can't miss.

I have changed my mind, I still want to go on with the streak.

I forget I decided to quit.

One thousand and one days

There is always something special in every day. I don't have to wait three decades to have my next big achievement. I can have them as often as I want.

In a bit over three weeks I will pass a round number in base two. In three months I have been writing for three years. There is always something coming up soon enough.

Less, or more, the same

This is just another regular post. Nothing special about it. Just one more in an endless streak of posts.

Almost three years ago I made a decision. A decision to start writing. I didn't set any goals for myself at that time. And I haven't changed that along the way. I didn't even promise to write daily. It was just simple thing, to write more.

And that's what I have done. I have written more. A lot more. Not just these daily posts, but other things as well. 

Irresistible urge to break the streak

As of today I have been writing in an unbreakable streak of 999 days. Tomorrow would turn into a whole new level breaking the four-digit barrier.

It goes without saying that I never thought I would make this far. But now, when I'm finally here, I'm not sure I want to break that barrier.

While keeping up the streak is good incentive to keep going, some days it might also feel a liability. I just have to write even if I don't feel like it just for the sake of not breaking he streak.

Time makes the difference

After a long day, the last day I thought of relaxing first watching a movie before writing. Then realized the movie would run until after ten o'clock local time. That wouldn't be too late normally. But here, we are two hours behind my normal timezone. So it would be past midnight already. Too late to keep my streak alive.

Sure, I could have just changed the timezone to keep up with the time difference and not to worry about it. But why bother. It's better to get this done anyway now. It's the last day anyway before returning back home and to the normal time.

One more thing

So far I have listed numerous reasons why it would be a good idea to write as early as possible. But sometimes things just happen, but the writing doesn't.

Leaving it all to the last moment has it's own risks. What if I'm not able to write? What if I'm stuck for those last few hours so that I can't possibly write? It has happened, and eventually, I'm sure, it will happen again.

It's over 900

Yes, I'm still only 10% on my way to use that properly. But while the 200wad community just passed ten thousand posts I too passed another hallmark yesterday when I posted my 900th post.

The much-anticipated thousandth post starts to be quite near. And soon after that the three-year streak will follow.

I think I have been writing long enough that I have already written a numerous amount of these achievement posts as well that I don't really know what to write anymore in these. At some point I considered to stop writing about them exactly for that reason.

Back to the bottom

After yesterday super productive day I was determined to have another one today. Even beating the excellent score of 17/18 daily goals. I was sure I could pull off the perfect day today.

But maybe it was the push after yesterday, or maybe it was the drinking, but I already knew when I woke up it won't happen. After a moment I decided it's not even worth trying. It's better to have the day off now rather than during the week. When I could actually have the full day of doing nothing instead of just enjoying a lazy even g during a working day.