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Do I really need to write again

I just wrote yesterday and now I'm here again. Need to come up with another 200 words from some topic that happens to come to my mind. And once again just before going to sleep.

It's another thing to leave the writing at the last moment, but actually coming up with something sensible to write would be better no matter when I write. It just seems like these late evening scribings are usually the one full of nonsense. Or just plain rambling how I can't come up with anything proper or am just overall tired of writing.

So why then, given a chance I do not write in the morning. There is nothing stopping me doing it then. I'm sure I can always find enough time for it. It would my days so much better. First of all I would have this task already completed from the start so I wouldn't have to worry about it throughout the day. I would also be able to go to sleep a bit earlier. As it seems I only start writing when I really want to go to bed already. And finally, I'm sure it would increase the quality of my texts, both the content and probably also the language.