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Another challenge writing

There have been different obstacles on my way go this point on my streak. But during those years I haven't encountered this one before. How many there might still be ahead of me?

Today, a sudden pain started radiating on my back. Since then it has been hard to find a posture where it doesn't hurt too much. So it has been even harder to be able to write.

But despite this pain, like all the other obstacles on my way, I'm gritting my teeth and writing regardless. It's still easier than skipping a day and starting all over again. At this point it's hard to imagine anything that can keep me from writing. As long as I remain determined to write every day nothing can stop me. If there comes a day without a post, assume the worst.

I wish I can apply that determination and grit to other areas on my life as well. If I remain persistent I can achieve anything. 

Now I just need to fill the rest with some nonsense to get up to two hundred words. I just want to get this done as fast as possible so I can get back to more comfortable position.