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Abundant afterthoughts

There has been so much happening recently that I don't know where to start. While it was all happening I was too busy to write about them properly. Then I was too tired to write about them. And now it starts to be late to remember every detail properly.

But instead of just picking up one of those topics, I'm just writing here about the challenges of choosing one. I'm not sure if I ever get all of those post written. Exactly, writing once a day doesn't give enough opportunities to write about everything. And yes, sometimes I write complete nonsense when I'm tired or out of inspiration. But that's the way it is. You write what you can. And some days it's deeper than others.

So maybe I write about those topics during the upcoming days. Or maybe not. I'll probably have some new things happening to me, or ill have some new, interesting thoughts to write about. It could as well be that I'm too tired to write anything proper too. Who knows. Only the time will tell. Day by day, I'll write. Whatever it happens to be on that day. Depending on my mood, my thoughts and what has happened to me during that or the previous day