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Off to a vacation

Tomorrow, my vacation officially starts. The last three days have just been national holiday and a weekend. And while it was nice to spend the midsummer at the cottage again it wasn't actually too much rest.

However I won't be getting much of free time and rest during my vacation either. These next two weeks will be busy ones building and running the game we are organising.

But that was the idea. It requires so much work it has been quite demanding working there just part time along my day job. So now I have two weeks when I essentially only need to do one jobs worth of hours in total. Except it will probably take more than the regular eight hours a day as well as being seven days a week instead of five. At least the first week. After that it should get a bit less demanding.

And in one more week after that it will all be over. Then, I finally have time to rest. Then, I will only have my regular work hours to take care of. And then, I need to make sure I actually use some time to rest and not just jump right into the next project.