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Not about this again

I'm tired. I have postponed today's writing until now. I want to go to sleep. And yet, I have to write. I just want it done, but I don't want to write about it yet again. 

But still, here I am. Writing all over again about the same topic.  Haven't I learned anything from all the previous times I have been in this same situation?

Ok, so this is not like all the other times. I won't write about it anymore. Instead, I'll write something else. Something completely different. Something that is not just a boring repetition of the same old topic.

Oh wait, have done this before as well. Writing just about anything that comes to my mind. Which, unfortunately at these occasions isn't anything else than the situation itself.

It's a bit late to switch the topic at this point anymore. So I might just finish this as it goes. At least it's done after that.  Another day behind, another day of continuous streak. It just feels a bit like cheating writing such a useless piece of text. But it isn't the first time, so why change now.

And now I don't even know how should I finish this.