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Going deeper

I have accumulated quite a long list of topic ideas I want to write about. But when there is a moment when I don't seem to come up with anything to write and need to resort to my list I usually find myself skipping most of the topics in it.

It's not because I don't want to write about those things. Quite contrary. They are topics I want to dive in deeper. They are things I want to write more than just two hundred words. I don't want to waste them for some random post I need to write just to keep the streak alive. I want to put a real effort on those.

Of course I could but more effort in my daily post and write about those things properly. But in addition to length constraint there is also the problem that when I really need to look into that list I'm usually in a hurry, tired or both. Definitely not an optimal time to start writing something like that.

I also could start with the short post and then, later expand it to a proper post. But I fear that if I write the short post I will end up clearing it from my list and forgetting it for good.