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Old topics

I was going through my notes and found some old topic ideas from the time I was just about to start writing here.  It was a page full of items with majority of them stricken-through already. Rest were mostly something I have been written later on. After all those there were only a a couple of topics left. Topics that I don't remember writing before.

Two sentence topics

Some thoughts and ideas sound like they would make great topics. There is some deep revelation and knowledge behind them. Or at least that's how they feel in my head.

Sometimes, after getting a few sentences down I don't know where to go from there. It already feels like everything is said. It's all out there. No point in continuing. Other times I get started and realize I don't actually know enough of this topic to write more than the introduction about it.

Another take

No, I'm not gonna write about it. Not again. I have written about it way too many times already. I'm sure I can come up with something else. Anything. I'm not too tired for that yet.

I can't believe this is happening. I promised to myself I wouldn't do it. Not this time. But here I am, once again. Almost halfway through. So I might as well just finish it for now.

Next time, I promise, will be different. Like this was supposed to be. Yeah, I don't even believe that myself. It just happens. There is no fighting back. You just grit your teeth and churn it through.

Forgotten topics

I try to write down all the topic ideas I get. Sometimes I forget, sometimes it's already there. Sometimes I even forget I have already written about it before.

It's hard to remember all the things I have written already. And having written so many posts it's not even realistic to go back and check them all.

With all the posts and ideas I'm not sure how many times I have also skipped writing a topic down. Thinking I must have already written about it.

Studying just to be able to write

Quite often I find myself wanting to write about some more advanced topics. Something I find interesting and perhaps already know the basics.

Being able to write about such complex topics I usually find interesting isn't easy. Yes, I might know a bit more than an average person about the topic. But that's not enough to be able to write about it. When you have to explain something that you barely grasp yourself it probably just ends up being more confusing to the others.

Going deeper

I have accumulated quite a long list of topic ideas I want to write about. But when there is a moment when I don't seem to come up with anything to write and need to resort to my list I usually find myself skipping most of the topics in it.

It's not because I don't want to write about those things. Quite contrary. They are topics I want to dive in deeper. They are things I want to write more than just two hundred words. I don't want to waste them for some random post I need to write just to keep the streak alive. I want to put a real effort on those.

Did I write about this already?

Writing so much eventually leads to situations where I'm no longer sure if  have already written about some topics. There might be multiple reasons for that: I might have forgotten that I wrote about it. I might have thought about it earlier, written the topic down and then forgotten I did that. Then after a while I remember it, write about it, but don't remember to remove it from my to-be-written -list.

Fixated by the title

The title is the first thing that I always write when starting to write a new post. It's the root of every post, defining the topic I'm about to write. After I'm done it not always necessarily suitable title anymore. I might get carried away along the way and end up writing about something completely different.


It's easy to come up with some random topic to write about. And it's also easy to start writing about it. But sometimes halfway through you either run out of ideas or notice you have diverted writing about something completely different.

Without a good plan and a topic that has enough subject matter, it might be hard to keep on the subject even for a few hundred words. An idea might feel like easy to write about, but does it carry all the way to the end.