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One thousand and one days

There is always something special in every day. I don't have to wait three decades to have my next big achievement. I can have them as often as I want.

In a bit over three weeks I will pass a round number in base two. In three months I have been writing for three years. There is always something coming up soon enough.

Wise man once wrote, "every journey starts with a single step". I have gotten far following that a advise. It's just not the first step, every step after that counts. And eventually, I too will reach my Mount Doom of ten thousand days. After all, it's only nine thousand more days. If I just keep going I might suddenly notice myself standing at the base of it.

It might feel impossible as of today. But almost three years ago I would have said the same about a thousand days.

So I'll keep walking forward. Step by step, day by day. And I'm sure there will be many exciting adventures waiting me along the way.

And once i eventually get there? It's still not the end, just a moment to look around and choose the next waypoint forward.