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Procrastinating breaking the streak

Every now and then I feel like I should break my writing streak. It's inevitable, I know. And I want to make it on my own terms.

But when I get to it I manage to postpone it. Every time. First, I at least need to write about it. I owe you,  readers, the explanation why there won't be a post tomorrow.

The next day, usually one of the following happens:

There is something interesting to write about that I just can't miss.

I have changed my mind, I still want to go on with the streak.

I forget I decided to quit.

For the first case, I usually just think that ok, I'll do it the next day then. Rinse and repeat. The second one obviously breaks the loop. Until next time.

The third one is definitely the most common. I don't set any reminders for it on purpose. I don't mind forgetting it. Couple of weeks later I might get the feeling that I must have forgotten something. But after checking my notes and not finding anything it's fine.

But more often it's just the lack of that decision in the first place. "I'll just write one more day and break it after that".