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Selling unused baby shoes

Sometimes writing less can give the reader more. When you leave more to the imagination of the reader they will create their own stories. Squeezing a post into 200 words is something, but true masters can tell complete stories with just six words.

I really enjoy reading such stories, flash fiction it's called. It's a nice contrast to reading all those heavy tomes. Some are just prompts to let your imagination fly. Others offer the satisfaction of understanding and enlightenment. An easy read for a busy moment.

I wish I could write such stories. If that would be possible I could even drop this 200 words a day. Pivot to 20 words a day or something, writing postcard sized stories like Peter Chiykowski at  Or perhaps two sentence horror like they do in r/TwoSentenceHorror. Maybe a tweet sized prompts like @jeffnoon does.

But that's a different kind of writing. Getting down to 200 words can be challenging at times. How much more effort would it take to get down to a fraction of that. It would take a lot more time to write such a short story. And besides, that would break my 200wad streak. Unless I'd write ten stories each day.