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Two sentence topics

Some thoughts and ideas sound like they would make great topics. There is some deep revelation and knowledge behind them. Or at least that's how they feel in my head.

Sometimes, after getting a few sentences down I don't know where to go from there. It already feels like everything is said. It's all out there. No point in continuing. Other times I get started and realize I don't actually know enough of this topic to write more than the introduction about it.

It can also be so that I get started, but then some other thought interrupts me. I lose track of where I was going with that first thought. Better switch over to that other one. Which, in turn is also said in two sentences.

How many thoughts could I fit into one post. Just keep writing them. Two sentences at the time. Until it feels like enough for a post. Or maybe it's better to collect those thoughts into a separate list and review them later. Maybe there is more to them that seems at first glance. They just need a bit more time to mature into full posts.