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One of the challenges for me to express myself is the fact that I'm one of those people who don't have my internal thought process narrated. My mind is filled with a chaos of images, feelings and, with a lack of better word, thoughts. It's hard to translate those into words.

Even when I think I have translated some of that chaos into words in my mind there is still a lot more tied to it than just the mere meaning of it. It's connected to other things in different ways.

I find it easier to express myself with graphs. At least that brings out the connections better. There might still be some explanation needed to accompany those graphs to make my thoughts clear enough for others to understand. But it's a start. Too bad I'm so bad at drawing. I should really focus more on that.

Another issue with graphs is that it's hard to draw them into more than two dimensions. I would like to say I think in four dimensions, but maybe that's a bit too much. No, actually there is often some temporal dimensions involved on those thoughts as well.

Maybe someday, when we have perfected holograms or AR I can finally express myself clear enough.