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Old topics

I was going through my notes and found some old topic ideas from the time I was just about to start writing here.  It was a page full of items with majority of them stricken-through already. Rest were mostly something I have been written later on. After all those there were only a a couple of topics left. Topics that I don't remember writing before.

They might have felt like a good topics back then. Maybe I had some nice idea what to write about. But after all these years I can't remember those ideas anymore. Coming up with new topic every day can be challenging at times so it's nice to have some backup topics at hand. But they are not much use if I can't remember what they were about.

Unless: they could be used as a writing prompt. It doesn't really matter what I was thinking originally. I'm sure I can write something about them anyway. It could even be possible that once I start writing, and thinking about those topics it all comes back to me.