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Serial writer

Writing connected posts is interesting change. I usually write just some random things that happen to come to my mind at that moment. But occasionally I have had some repeating topics I have stayed for a while like the banana episode for example.

Then there has been a few topics so big and deep that just one post couldn't have fit all of it or wouldn't have made it clear enough. A good example of this was the recent Graham's number post I made that required a series of preliminary posts to explain enough of the background for it to make any sense.

Such posts could easily be converted to a more traditional longer form article or a blog post. Instead of picking some of the shorter ones and extending it those could be just joined together and perhaps cleaned up from some clue sentences that I used to tie them together.

They are also nice in a way that they give an easy topic for a few days. I don't have to think about what to write next as I can just come back and continue from where I left. 

I wonder how long I could keep that up. I would just need to find a perfect topic that could keep my interest long enough and before I notice I would have written a book.