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47 hours and 59 minutes

Writing every day means in theory I could still spend close to two full days between two posts. That would however require to only count the publishing times, or writing really fast, 30 seconds per post.

I know I can write a post in five minutes, although not very good. A proper post takes at minimum 10 minutes so lets use that. The writing time itself should also be counted, not just the publishing time. So this way the gap is down to 47 hours and 40 minutes.

While I tend to write every day there are couple of guidelines I follow. The writing should happen during a different period of being awake, e.g. I need to sleep between posts. The daily post counter resets at midnight. Combining these two means I basically never write just after midnight. That would require some really exotic sleeping rhythm. That means that earliest I could write is when I wake up in the morning. 

Usually I get up between six and eight in the morning, in some rare occasions maybe even a bit earlier. But let's say six is the earliest. After waking up it usually takes a while before I'm actually ready to write even if it would be "the first thing" I do after waking up. Let's say 15 minutes. Plus another 10 minutes for the actual writing.

I don't like taking unnecessary risks either. So I wouldn't never leave the writing too close to the midnight deadline. I would like to have at least an hour to go when I hit publish in case something goes wrong. In a stretch I can come down to half an hour safety buffer if the situation is otherwise critical. Including the minimum writing time that's at least 40 minutes.

In total, that's 7 hours and 5 minutes away from the maximum time. So the longest potential time between two writing sessions for me is 40 hours and 55 minutes.