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Longest streaks

I have twenty different things I follow daily. I have been iterating my system over the past three years actively and am finally found somewhat good balance with it. It might not be perfect and I still keep altering it whenever I feel like I have a better idea. But for that I need to have a closer look at it every now and then. What would be a better way to evaluate the effectiveness of any such system than the results it yields?

Quarterly review

The first quarter of the year is almost over and it has also been around three months since I did the latest adjustments to my productivity system. So it's a good time to take a look at how has it gone so far.

A quick recap of my system: I have a list of daily tasks, divided into five categories each having 2-5 items. My goal each day is to both complete at least one item from each category and to complete total at least as many tasks as I did in the previous day.

Classified tasks

I'm always on the lookout improving my productivity. Recently I came across a classification method called Eisenhower matrix which assigns two qualities to the task and helps you decide if you should do it right away, postpone it or delegate it to somebody else.

After reading about it I was a bit disappointed I was basically already doing it. So nothing new for me. But never the less it's still a really good method deciding the priority of tasks.

How I get things done

I think I haven't written about my productivity system in its entirety. At least not for a while. And as I'm constantly trying to improve it, anything I have written previously is probably outdated anyway.

The system is pretty simple at its core: I have a list of daily tasks I want to compete every day. The items on that list aren't any particular tasks, but rather categories of things to do. The list is further divided in (currently) five categories. Every day I have a simple goal of completing enough items from that list to satisfy two rules:

Head start

It's not even noon yet and I have already halfway through my daily goals. There is still plenty of time to both complete the rest and have some free time to just enjoy the day.

I don't even have anything special planned for the day, so I don't even know what could I do once I have everything done. It's a weird situation. Usually, I do spend some time doing nothing before completing so much so maybe I can come up with something the time as well.