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Welcome to the Yodeller: my ongoing project to try and write something every day. You can read more about the background from here. If you are a new reader you might want to start from the beginning.

Healthy delicacy?

Last week I bought myself an ice cream. While I try to eat healthy I do allow myself a treat every now and then (still too often to be honest).

While eating I did an interesting discovery. The thing I had picked up was actually one of those "healthy" kind o five creams: low on carbs, all natural. This one even was high on protein. I didn't pay any attention to such things while picking it up from the store. What drew me to this particular one was the combination of teo of my favourite flavours: white chocolate and salty liquorice. And despite being a healthy version of ice cream it was good.

So my dilemma then was: did I eat healthy that day. Should I consider eating that ice cream as something unhealthy when it has less calories as my breakfast yoghurt? This is important as eating healthy is one of my daily tasks I track (obviously not the one I've been keeping a long streak).

Is eating such a delicacy equal to eating unhealthy? On the other hand yes, even if it in itself isn't healthy, eating extra calories in addition to the normal meals is, well, extra calories. Even if it would be something healthy like fruits for example. But then again, eating it as a breakfast should be completely fine.

First run of the year

Second day of summer, good day for a walk. Almost too good. I headed out for just a walk, but as it felt good I decided to give in to the urge to run after a short while. I've been going out for a while now, surely I'd be ready for a couple of short sprints.

I was surprised how easy it was. After such s long pause and the extra weight I was maybe even too cautious holding back this long. After s while I found my first sprint extending longer than expected. In fact, I could have kept going if it wasn't for the fact the road changed from sand to asphalt. I was happy to run on the softer surface, but wasn't sure if I'd be ready for such a hard surface yet.

As soon as I was out of the asphalt I was running again. This leg I actually had to gove up running before the road turned asphalt again. But not before I had ran almost a full kilometer!

There was not enough trail left to recover before I had to step on the asphalt again. The rest of the route would be only asphalt all the way to back home, but I felt I wasn't done yet. I couldn't resist and ended up running another half a kilometer. On hard asphalt road! And even that didn't feel too bad.

I do feel my trip in my legs. Not too bad, but time will tell. Did I overdo it? I hope not. I might need a couple of days to recover and make sure I didn't strain my legs too much. But to my surprise it felt good and I can't wait to get out there again.

First day of summer

It was a wonderful weather today. Warm and sunny, not the first such day of the year, but the first when it actually felt like summer.

Good time to get some yard work done. It was also time to bring out the cushions for the balcony sofa and take our summer room into use once again.

While the air was warm there was still that deep coldness radiating from the ground that was a reminder this isn't an actual summer yet. It was also apparent as soon as the sun went down and the temperature dropped drastically that it's still not warm enough to enjoy the evenings out there.

Knowing the Finnish weather this will not last. It's just a small taster before the actual summer arrives and while we still probably have ro go through some coldness and rain. So better enjoy it while I can.

Chip towers

Latest addition to my boardgame collection arrived yesterday. No, it's not the first new one after my previous post about new games arriving. Not every game is worth writing about (except maybe on a boardgame themed blog 🤔). This one however had some special quality I thought was worth writing about.

The game in question is Cloudspire by Chip theory games. I had heard about their reputation of delivering high quality games (both component wise and gameplay) but I wasn't expecting what I received.

First hint was the weight / size ratio of the box. From the post notice I knew I would be receiving a box weighting a bit over 6 kilograms. So obviously I was expecting s big box! My first impression seeing the box was that there has been a mistake. It wasn't much bigger than an average game box. But lifting it up prove me wrong - the weight was all there... what, they made the components out of lead or something?

The game itself is a kind of tower defence game drawing a lot of inspiration from classic electronic counterparts of the genre. There is a randomly generated map where the troops of players (and the villain in coop/solo mode) travel forward in waves. Players can also build towers (spires in this game) to shoot down those invading troops.

Both troops and towers are being represented by a stack of chips. An interesting mechanisms where you can add different kind of chips to enhance those things. The upgrades include chips with additional attack, range, movement, health or defence. Taking damage in turn will remove those upgrade chips from the bottom of the stack. Nice and functional mechanism with direct visuals to see the power of those entities.

Such a mechanism obviously wouldn't work with some cheap flimsy cardboard cutouts or cheap plastic pieces. So what was weighting the box was a huge stacks of poker chips! Even without picking one up you could tell they were quality chips indeed.

But it didn't stop there. Instead of cardboard map tiles like basically all other games come with here the tiles were cut from a sturdy neoprene mat. The cards weren't cardboard either, but were these nice plastic ones. They even came with a plastic tugboxes! It's hard to see even cardboard ones in many games. All components also came in a sturdy containers nicely backed inside the box, no need to invest in 3rd party or custom organizer to keep everything in order. The only components that didn't impress me with their quality was the dice. They were rather ordinary dice, nothing special there. Which is surprising as the company's most famous game Too many bones is basically revolving around dice. I would have expected with their experience and promise of quality the dice to be something special too.

Sure, it wasn't exactly a cheap game. I've seen more expensive ones with the same amount of content but with a lot lower quality components. I just hope the gameplay proves to be up to the same standard as well. Would be nice to get all those quality components to the table often enough.

Here be dragons

There is just something fascinating about maps. I've always loved them. I remember spending hours in front of an atlas as a child doing discoveries around the world. Just the names of all those exotic places exhilarated my imagination. Even without the lack of those unexplored places to draw dragons on.

Of course I highly enjoy old maps as well. Must due to exactly those mysterious areas where nobody at the time knew what lies there. Could have as well been dragons. The dragons and other mysterious beings were only s part of the art of those maps. And fantasy maps of imaginary places is a chapter on their own.

But it doesn't have to be a map of far away places or places of imagination for me either. I have always enjoyed the maps of places I know too. They open a different view on those places. An opportunity to explore places beyond the edges of my own little world. To expand to the areas of the dragons as they are both outside my own personal circle of known world.