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Welcome to the Yodeller: my ongoing project to try and write something every day. You can read more about the background from here. If you are a new reader you might want to start from the beginning.

Odd dates

Our calendar system has been widely accepted as a standard despite it's quirks. It is rather systematic and the few anomalies like the leap year too are following a set of rules. As it is, the hard part in the datetime math is usually the time part. And even with that most of the complexity comes from the timezones.

But there are dates that are used in somw contexts which do not follow the usual convention. For example January 0th can be used instead of December 31st in some cases.

Most of such dates are used in some sort of calculations. This way the calculations can be made simpler or they can circumvent certain restrictions in those formulas.

Other uses of non standard dates include the likes of February 30th which is used for "things that will never happen". Another kind of example is May 35th which is use in place of June 4th to get around the censorship (as nothing happened on that date in 1989).

Dilemma of toppings

Today, while making sandwiches I found out there wasn't enough toppings for all of them. There was just enough cheese and sausage for one slice of bread!

I was hungry enough I knew I needed two slices. Of course I could have made one with cheese and the other with sausage like I often do on this kind of situations. But there is the certain hope of finishing with the best combination of fillings.

This isn't usually a problem if I take four slices of bread. Two with one filling and two with other. This way I can taste both and then make the decision what to leave last based on empirical evidence. But with just two slices there was no such option available to me.

But the situation wasn't as hopeless as it at first sight seemed to be. Instead of putting all the one kind of toppings to a single slice of bread I made two half and half sandwiches where I could use the first one to taste both combinations and then just decide from which end I would start eating the second slice.

Counting toes

My brother recently got his first child. In Finland it's customary to celebrate a new baby in "varpajaiset" which loosely translates to "counting toes event". It's a bit like baby shower, but with the male relatives and friends and a lot more drinks.

The etymology is actually misleading. Originally it has nothing to do with toes or feet, just a bit lost in translation. Originally it's a loan word which meaning had already lost in the original language and turned to relating to feet which in turn turned to toes in Finnish.

The real origin is lost in history. The only think that is certain is that it used to mean something related to foot. Probably from the custom of bringing food and other supplies to the family of the newborn.

There is actually another custom in Finland that is more related to the food and supplies part called "rotinat". At least in eastern parts of Finland. That originated more from the russian side of the culture.

Anyway, today we are celebrating the newborn with my brother.

TV shopping

Our trusty old TV has started to show it's age. Sometimes it keeps a worrying buzzing noise, it has started to fall apart externally as well and there are a few scratches on the screen as well. It's also a bit small by today's standards and the picture quality isn't up to date either. No wonder as it's already 10 years old. A quality product never the less, but even then they aren't build to last forever.

I've been looking for a new TV since we moved. Not least because the new living room is a bit bigger and the old TV looks so small at the back of it. While it has been working fine I haven't been in a hurry to replace it. Plenty of time to look for good deals and not overpay for one. Having had a plenty of time has also allowed me to evaluate different models and find one that best fits our needs.

Autumn is also a good time to pick up last years models on sale. Sure you could get a good deals on black Friday, but at that time of the year they are all current years models that hasn't come down on prices that much yet.

Today I noticed one of my preselected models on a good deal. Unfortunately it was not on the shop I also happen to have a gift card (from shopping kitchen appliances last year). Luckily they have pretty nice price matching policy so I decided to walk in to the store and ask for a quote. The deal I was referring was a bit too good (it was from one of the local online shops that import electronics directly from Asia. But due to that their warranty isn't that good). In the end I was able to negotiate a satisfying deal and our new 75 inch 4k miniled is now arriving on next Wednesday.

Familiar faces

I haven't been that often to the office since the beginning of the pandemic and even when I have it's often been by car. Those few times I have taken the train have also been maybe not the most common times.

Still, there has been more and more people on those trains and I'm starting to see familiar faces. At first it was s bit confusing seeing people that I felt I recognized from somewhere else. until it dawned on me that these are the same people I used to commute with before. People I didn't know back then and still don't. I just recognize them and apparently few of them also recognised me. Maybe they have been as confused as I have. There has been few nods of greeting among us, the sign of recognition but not sure of the acquaintance.

Somehow, even if we still remain strangers, seeing those people on my commute makes me feel better, more comfortable taking the train.