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Welcome to the Yodeller: my ongoing project to try and write something every day. You can read more about the background from here. If you are a new reader you might want to start from the beginning.


Over the past year I have started to have more and more one-on-one discussions. Gone are the days I only had one almost every year with my boss.

Only a few of those are for me. But those too have gone up drastically. I have them maybe twice a month on average, and not just with my boss.

I haven't been a stranger to giving those discussions to my team members either. During my time in the lead of the IT operations team I used to have regular one-on-ones with the team. Now, as a guild lead I just have a bit bigger "team". I have also done rounds with people outside the guild but having the similar role as my guild members.

Most recent addition to my growing list of regular discussions has been the ones with my peers and other people of influence. I'm also planning to have some initial discussions with our latest new hires.

All in all I think I currently have more than one of these discussions on an average week. And there are still people missing from the list I would like to start these discussions regularly.

I have found such discussions really important and beneficial. And to my surprise not that exhausting at all!

No streak, just habit

Since I broke my daily exercising streak a bit over a month ago I haven't gotten back up with that streak. I didn't give up exercising, but I also didn't want to stress about it every day. I have still plenty of ongoing streaks from the original 10 for that.

Not having an ongoing streak hasn't meant I haven't been exercising during the past month or so. Actually, since the break I have only skipped four days. So I don't need the streak to get that done (almost) every day. It has become such a strong habit for me that I don't need the streak to enforce it anymore. At the same time I don't have to worry about skipping a day. Not everything have to be something I have commited for doing every single day.

I'm still continuing with the remaining nine streaks, aiming to reach one year each. Currently four of them have been going for over a year already. The shortest one is just 53 days away from a full year.

After that, I think I'm going to take a day to break them all. Well, almost all... never going to break the writing streak!

Vegan alternatives

There is a lot of daily food products that need to be replaced if you want to be vegan. Luckily, there are already vegan alternatives for almost everything.

The problem is the naming of those products. The traditional animal based products producers get defensive when the vegan alternatives come to the market. They don't want those products to be called the same as their products. You can't call a meat substitute for example "vegetable meat". Of course for some products the replacement is rather obvious despite of what they are allowed to call it. But there are also products that are not that easy to distinguish.

Sure, they are different products. But in common language the original animal based name has become the common word for those things. It shouldn't depend on the origin of it, but the usage. It can be milk no matter if it comes from a cow or oats. They are both used the same way. It shouldn't be any different than telling cow milk from goat milk. Just telling what's the origin of it.

It's the same old story making consumer's life harder due to the greed of the capitalists that want to use every possible trick to increase the sales of their own product.

Shooting stars

We call the small meteors burning up in our atmosphere shooting stars. But out there, far away in our galaxy there are actual stars hurling through the space. Not the kind of coordinated hurling most of the stars do around the galaxy, but in random directions due to some ancient catastrophic events involving black holes and galaxies colliding that have slingshot these masses on their path. The path that in some cases can lead them to leave the galaxy itself.

Some of these rogue stars can pass our own solar systems "atmosphere", the Oort cloud. Last time this happened only 70 000 years ago when the Scholz's star passed our solar system as close as 0,8 lightyears distance. It has since sped away from us at 80km/s and is now already 22 lightyears away. The speed in which the movement of the star should have already been noticeable during a lifetime.

In just 1,2 to 1,5 million years we could witness even more grandiose spectacle when the Gliese 710 will pass us at the distance of only around 0,2 lightyears. The distance close enough to perturbate the orbits of the objects in the Oort cloud.

Free range archers

We have a public archery range about half as kilometer from home. It's great to have such an opportunity just at the walking distance. But still, it requires some effort to get there. And once there you don't want to see all that trouble for a few shots.

That's why I also setup a small range at our backyard. There isn't much room to get any good distance top practice target shooting. But it's great to have a place where you can just step out and do a couple of shots whenever I want.

It's also good enough to do some technical practice. Something I don't want to waste too much time during the trip to the proper range. There, I want to focus on hitting the target at distance.

If you want to become good at something you need to be doing it constantly, daily. And if you want to keep doing something daily you need to make it as easy as possible to do it. Some things are naturally easy and can be done almost everywhere. But shooting a bow needs some special environment and conditions. I'm lucky to have such good options available to make it possible to practice every day.