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Welcome to the Yodeller: my ongoing project to try and write something every day. You can read more about the background from here. If you are a new reader you might want to start from the beginning.


We might be in a lucky position that we will get access to our new home before we need to move out from our current one. Even if we get this one sold right away we could still agree with the buyer to have the handover a bit later. Of course it could also be so that we haven't even sold this place yet at the time.

So unless a buyer appears who is in a hurry we have at least one month which we could use to do some bigger renovations in the new place before moving in. It would be nicer if there isn't anything in the way. It would also be easier if we need to use a contractor for some parts of the work so they could easily move around the apartment without for example worrying about the cats. And of course it's always nice to not have to live in the middle of the renovations.

But the budget for the renovation is still tied to the sell price of the old place. And we would also need to actually have that money on our account to start those renovations. It might also be a bit too tight schedule to get all the materials ordered in time and booking a contractor at this tight schedule.

Past future

Reading near future sci-fi is sometimes scary. Even if the ideas might be wild they are still plausible enough on a short term that they might as well turn out to be true predictions.

But things really get interesting when reading a story set to current time written a while ago. When they start telling about the things exactly how they are right now you get hesitant reading any further. Or at least double check the publication year. If they got all the things right so far how bad it will turn towards the end of the book and whether that could become a reality too.

Perhaps those books should have an expiration date. "Do not read this book after the time it's events are set to". Otherwise they might just turn into history books with fictional characters in them.

It is often said that in the near term predictions things are usually overestimated, but in the long run the progress is underestimated. Maybe this doesn't really rake effect until a certain amount of time in the future when it becomes harder to predict the development of the world.

Things are moving fast

We are about to enter the second round of offers with the current owner of our new home. They countered our initial offer, but that was a bit too far from what we had in our mind so need to counter their counter offer. Had to also secure a bit bigger loan promise from the bank to make sure we can actually offer enough as our initial offer was already close to the max of what we asked for and got the promise earlier.

While we are not in a hurry to sell our current apartment of course it would be optimal to get rid of it too as fast as possible. Which is why I'm really looking forward for tomorrow: we have our first buyer candidate coming over to see the apartment!

We didn't even manage to get the apartment publicly on sale yet as it takes a couple of weeks to do all the paperwork, photoshoots and everything. But on Monday there was a note along our regular post. A realtor was looking a new home for their client in this area. What a coincidence!

Initially we thought of dismissing the note. The client had a bit lower budget in mind than what we are looking for to get from this place. I however decided to call the realtor and ask whether the given max price was absolute. Seems it wasn't and it appears the client is really interested in this opportunity as they went straight to their bank as well to secure a bigger loan.

Of course anything can still happen on both sides. But for now it all looks promising. With a bit of luck we could already know within a week that we both have a new home and our old one is sold.

A regular morning

It's been a while since I've last time sat on a train in the morning heading to the office. Like I wrote yesterday I need to be present there today and as my wife started a new job where she needs the car I'm back at train commute.

While I was fine driving to the office, especially now that there weren't that much traffic, I think I still prefer sitting on the train. I can already start working (or writing) and save some time off of the day that way. The traffic through the city, even with these quieter times, is still something that demands a lot of attention.

It's also good for the health (now that the COVID situation should be better again). But it seems the railway company is still stuck on the assumption of lower passanger numbers as the train I'm sitting now is already almost full and there are still plenty of stations before our destination to pick more passangers. At least most of the people are still wearing masks.

Conflict resolution

I'm going to visit our office again tomorrow. It's nice to see colleagues again and it's also nice that I manage to get myself more often there again.

Howevever I'm not looking forward to all of tomorrow. The reason I'm going there is s situation that escalated in one of our project teams. One that is sort of under my jurisdiction. So I'm going there to settle the conflict between the participants. I believe this kind of situations are better handled when all parties are physically present.

This is something completely new to me. I have never been in such situation where I would need to act as a mediator to settle a disbute between two persons. It probably doesn't help that I also have a strong opinion on the subject of their debate. It's also an important topic on the company level regarding our development practices and process. The outcome of todays meeting can drastically change how we work with projects in the future, or at least how we enforce certain best practices.