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Fleeting memory

When I started the quest to organize and build my old LEGO sets there were certain sets that I absolutely remembered having. No need to go through catalogues and compare my part inventory to figure out what I might have owned back then.

No breaks

Having slower time at work is nice, but daya without schedules have their own problems. On my normal days all the meetings give a nice structure for the day. They don't last too long and there is (almost) always at least a small break in between them.

When I don't have any meetings I just keep working. There are no natural breaks so it's harder to remember to take one. Either I keep working on one thing in the flow or keep jumping from task to the next one straight away.

Scientific "facts"

A lot what we take as scientific facts are just the most approved theory for the particular scenario. There is so much that we don't actually know of especially in the far ends of the physical world that we can only estimate the best guess and make a theory out of it that works on all observed cases. If the theory doesn't work for some new observation then it's time to update that theory (after repeating the observation to make sure that wasn't a fluke).

True fiction

Best lies have some truth in them. Hollywood knows that and usually blends true facts effortlessly with the most imaginative fiction.

A good example of this is the latest Indiana Jones movie - the Dial of Destiny. In it Indy ends up chasing after the real world artefact, one of my all time favourite besides the Voynich manuscript and Enigma machine - the Antikythera mechanism.

Billable work

I don't do much of any billable work in my current role. Save from the ad hoc high level consulting gigs my value mostly comes indirectly rather than from direct billable customer work.

I've had my doubts whether I even could do that kind of work anymore. It's been so long since I have been actively coding, or troubleshooting that I might be a bit rusty on those. Even if those skills are like riding a bike, the bike keeps evolving so fast it's hard to keep up even when you are actively using those skills and technologies.

Proper display

I have been looking for a place to put my new old LEGO collection on display for a while. The glass cabinets most furniture shops offer didn't seem right, were too small or just way too expensive. I was already considering building one on my own, but then I happened to find a used display cabined that was made for commercial use for a reasonable price.

News hole

Now that Reddit is dying that's one less news source for me. At first I was not even looking for a replacement for it. There weren't that many important subreddits left for me anyway after I had done some cleanup over the past few years.

I never used facebook, got rid of Twitter a few years ago already and everything else I've used is already ancient history. Just a few more left, but those are something I'm probably not going to let go anytime soon. Still need to keep up with the news and the industry.

Letting go

We've had a pile of books waiting to be sold/donated/recycled since we moved to our current home. Hauling all those bookself fillings made me realize maybe some of that needs to go. It's been over a year already!

It was hard work going through all the books and deciding which ones to keep and which ones I could depart. Over the year I have been moving books in and out of that pile. I think in the end the pile is now bigger than when I started. But many of the books have been on and off the list. It's just hard to let go of them.

The new Internet

A lot of talk has been given about the "next internet". Web3 were to be the next step in the evolution of our connected life. It still might or might not happen. AI is the next contender. It is definitely going to change a lot of thing in the future. It actually has done so already in many areas.

Besides technologies internet is more about the services. Most of the internet usage is limited to just a handful of services like Facebook and Google. Everything else is just something you happen to find or stumble upon on those services.

First full set

I had to celebrate a bit today when I was continuing inventorying my LEGO sets. After building most of my big sets I moved to smaller ones and went through half a dozen sets today. Every one if them was missing pieces, not many but still... Until I got to the last set for the day.

Slowing down

Last week at work was still pretty normal. Even though some people already left for their vacations thar was somewhat offset by the additional catch-up meetings due myself being away the week before.

This week has already been completely different. Only a few meetings per day and rest of the time I have actually time to do "actual" work. That's pretty much what I have been waiting for. I have a long list of things I have been postponing due not having enough time to focus on them between all the meetings.

Neverending story

We were supposed to end our current Dungeons and Dragons campaign before summer. The game has been running over four years at this point and our characters are starting to reach the maximum levels. After so long it's on the other hand hard to let go of the familiar characters, but at the same time it would be nice to try something else for a change.

Customer service

Many things can be taken care of these days without any human interaction. You can order things online and they will be delivered to your doorstep without seeing a single person. You can also make a booking on various things and unlock or check-in virtually using mobile apps. It's a dream come true for somebody who doesn't like random encounters. Or is it?

Double move

Today both of our kids moved to a new apartment. So it has been a busy day packing and carrying stuff from one apartment to another, down and up the stairs.

Even though they have been living on their own for not so long and in relatively small apartments they sure have accumulated a lot of stuff. Especially the younger one. I don't know where they managed to fit all that stuff. And now they'll have a bigger apartment to get even more stuff. I hope this time they don't move too soon again.

Where is the line

Assisted writing tools aren't anything new. From simple autocorrect to todays full blown "ghost writers" these tools have helped both professional and casual writers to produce better text for years. With the advances in recent times it has become more unclear what is "real" writing and what is just a product of an algorithm.

Running out of space

Being a collector has the issue that all that stuff needs to be stored somewhere. Preferably on display as surely you want to show and enjoy your collection instead of just storing it somewhere put of the way, out of sight.

Of course there are different things to collect. Some of them take less space than others. My biggest collection, MtG cards doesn't really take that much space. It's a couple of cardboard boxes and binders, not that much to show off. Even if I wanted to put them on display they probably wouldn't take thqt much space. At least the ones worth displaying.

Caught up by the future

Four years ago I was part of producing one of the biggest larp projects at the time. It was set in future with all the usual sci-fi tropes like spaceships and artificial intelligence.

We are currently planning a rerun for the game for next year. We did a lot of work to produce everything the first time and now we plan to reuse as much of that work as possible without changing anything not worth changing.

Catching up

First days at work after vacation are always special. There is a lot of catching up to do to get up to speed on what has happened while you were away. You also need to orient yourself back to the working mode. It doesn't help if tour days are filled with meetings so only time you can do that catching up are the small breaks in between them.

Back home

Our cottage is the only place that has been in my life for my whole life. I've had many homes over the years and many of them have also felt home. Some of those places are still important to me even if I can't visit them anymore. Others might just have a few good memories attached to them, but the place itself might not mean nothing to me.

It's nice to have such stable place in my life. No matter where I live it will be always there to return back home from.

Cottage book

We have a book at our cottage where all visitors are expected to write something about their stay. Pretty much a guestbook.

It originally started as sauna book as the first one was officially called that. I can't remember how long it has been there, but I thunk it was already in use when my grandparents were alive and living there. I could check the date of the first entry from the first book, but unfortunately I'm not there anymore. Next time then.