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Missed markets

There is no shortage of streaming services. Quite the opposite. There is way too many of them and it's getting harder and harder to decide between them. There are good series in all of them and new seasons coming out at regular pace. So it's hard to even alternate between them. It becomes cheaper to just have all of them on a yearly plan.

But there is one blatantly missing from the Finnish market. The hottest new service of the year: Disney plus. Once again we had to read the bad news that the release here is postponed until autumn. Global capitalism at it's finest.

Plastic capitalism

Recycling plastic is a good thing. Here in Finland it has been organized pretty well. It has even been enforced in law in certain level.

Producers and importers of products that are packaged into plastic are obligated to arrange the collection of such plastics by the product responsibility law. Obviously it is us, the consumers who are paying for that.