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Treasure hunting

Recently there were two interesting items for sale in the second hand marketplace: one LEGO set that has been high on my wantlist and a plastic bag full of random LEGO pieces. After winning the bid for the former one and losing the latter I realized I was more disappointed for the loss than I was thrilled for the win.

Unnecessary automation

I like automating things - to a certain extent. Most of the time I still want to be a control. At least on some level. I only want the automation to kick in when I tell so.

Of course there are automations that I have set up to trigger on certain events that I wouldn't want to explicitly start. Some simple things that, if I would need to trigger it even with a simple push of a button would defeat the purpose. Like lights for example.

A little bit of rain

It's been nice and warm (or even hot) for some time now. I know it's not just me suffering from the heat. The nature was also starting to get a bit dry, slowing down the blooming. The air is also getting irritating as it's filled with pollen.

Today we luckily got some much needed rain. Unfortunately, like many weather events lately it came to it's extreme as well. The rain (and thunder) didn't last long, but there were a lot of it. A bit more gentle rain would have been better in my opinion.

Keeping a secret

It seems it's quite hard to keep a secret these days. At least from the giant spying machine that is the internet. It feels like if you even thought about something you will start seeing ads related to those thoughts.

For a couple of weeks I have known something that only a few people in addition to myself know of. I haven't mentioned it anywhere online. I've only told it to a few people that I felt should know in advance and who I can trust not to spread the word.

Flying sharks

There was a news article recently about Swiss air starting to use a new innovative coating on their plane. The coating simulates the skin of a shark to reduce the air drag and hence reducing the fuel consumption.

This sounds cool and while the companies are sure doing it purely to cut costs it will also have a direct impact on the plane's carbon emissions. But how big of an impact?


Ever wondered why the word "ambulance" is written backwards in front of the vehicle? Well, that's an easy one - it's to make it easier ro notice you have one behind you in emergency situations when it reads right way in your rear view mirror. But where does the word ambulance come from?

Generative art

It's not that straight forward to define what art is. The classic art has always been created by a human being. But there are also art pieces dating back centuries that have used generative methods to produce art.

There are almost always some tools involved creating (or performing) art. In generative art those tools are more involved. The human interaction can be limited to just creating the tools and guiding them to do the actual art.

Nordic A.I.

There hasn't been lack of A.I. related news over the past few years and it feels it's only getting faster each passing day. There are always some new things announced and most of it isn't that exiting anymore. While the pace of the development and releases are getting faster the advancements have become smaller.

Today there was something different in the new - a Finland based private A.I. research institute released their model called the VIKING. What makes this model special is that it's a model trained specially for Nordic languages.

Deceptively bright

It's already past eleven at evening ans only now is it getting dark outside. The progression of daylight has been so rapid it's hard to keep up with the natural glues of the passing of time.

After I got home this afternoon I have just been loitering, taking it easy and passing time. I hadn't realized so much time had already passed. Even my internal clock didn't remind me it would already be a good time to head into bed. And it's still getting brighter for another month!

Too hot

I know I shouldn't be complaining. We don't get treated like this too often. But after just a few days of sunshine it's getting a bit hot in here. And just a week ago it was barely above zero outside!

Nevertheless it's nice. I'm not really complaining. As long as my air conditioning works I can keep enjoying the perfect temperature inside. I just kinda forgot it's existence as there hasn't been that much use for it in past years. It's also only mid May, bot the time you usually need to use it around here.

Speaker gig

Usually when I want to talk in an event (not organized by our company) I need to submit my proposal and hope to get selected. But every now and then I also get invited to talk in some events. It hasn't happened that often, but there has still been a few. It does feel great to get such an invite. It's nice to know my expertise has been recognised at least at some level.

Grand fortress

Today I was finally able to put together the last missing classic era LEGO castle building set. I got lucky with my latest purchase of random pile of bricks and found the few missing pieces that were holding me back building it.

The cool thing about those buildings - castles, walls etc, is that they are modular. Perhaps the first LEGO set that had that design. They can be attached to each other to make even bigger castles and fortifications. As a kid I dreamed of being able to make a really big castle, but unfortunately I didn't own that many of those sets back then.

And now they are already talking to each other

Yesterday OpenAI announced their latest model, the GPT-4o ("o" for omni). The model is just an improved and optimizes version of the original GPT-4 model with added capabilities for vision and speech.

To demonstrate the capabilities of the new model they released a set of videos where the model, used via a mobile app on a phone, did various conversational tasks. One of the demo had the older version of the model, which didn't have the vision capabilities talk to the new one. The later would then describe what it was seeing to it's blind predecessor.

Novel ideas

It's hard to come by with new ideas. Feels like everything is already invented, or just a remix of old ones. Real new technologies require substantial investment in research and development.

Perfectionism creeps in

When I started my "musician" career I did it just for fun. I didn't care so much about getting everything just right. As long as it sounded good to me it was fine. I was even content with all the little flaws as I was just enjoying the joy of finally being able to make music.

Now that I have learned a lot about the art of making music I have become more critical of my production. I keep tweaking the prompts and generating more alternatives thn before. I've also started generating the music in shorter clips to have more control over it.

Throwing shade

My garden is facing west, nicely so that the sun is shining there from midday till the evening. It's really nice and one of the things on my must have list when searching for the new home a couple of years ago.

It's nice to have all that light and warmth to make it cozy hanging out in the yard or terrace, but at the brightest and hottest times it can also get a bit uncomfortable. Luckily there are alos some trees in front of the yard to provide shade from the excess exposure ro the sun.

Stepping up the game

For the past weeks I have been working on my first album. Ever since I found the joys of generating music with the help of an A.I. I have wanted to do something more than just random songs.

While working on my music I have come across several shortcomings of the A.I. generated content. While it works well it produces really good results, but overall there are many things that leave room for improvements.

Darkness and light

We here up north are often said to suffer from long darkness during winter. And it is true there is little daylight during the deepest winter, but during the summer we do enjoy more light times which is less often mentioned.

Of course there is proven physiological and psychological effects from the extended deficit of daylight and it's harder to produce such light artificially. Whereas absolute darkness can be achieved with ease even during the brightest time of the year. There also isn't any direct effects to our health from excess (day)light.

Finally there

I haven't been keeping much an eye on my writing streak. I roughly know where I'm at in years, maybe months and sure could count the days from there. But I haven't really cared about it except for maybe yearly acknowledgements.