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Fading days

Sometimes it's hard to notice the passing of time. It's hard to distinguish one day from another. Things just happen and then suddenly its already another day.

I was certain that I wrote already today. I had a clear memory of writing. But somehow I forgot a big portion of what happened in between. It was yesterday. And I do remember all the other things that happened yesterday and today as well. I just couldn't distinguish the relation between those events.


There isn't much anything interesting about the number 806. Sure there is some area code it maps to and possibly much other address and sequence related local things. But in general, the only interesting fact I was able to find about the number is that it is not a sum of square, a cube, a 4th power and a 5th power. Yeah, I don't understand it either.

So why am I writing about this seemingly uninteresting number then? Well, it happened so that I didn't realize I passed the 800 days writing streak couple of days ago. Six days to be exact, surprise!

Instant satisfaction vs. postponed reward

Why are we so bad at making good choices about our future? Why do we need to get everything now, immediately? Why can't we wait a while longer and enjoy better rewards later?

Given a choice of getting something little right now versus getting something considerably more later it always feels more tempting to get the instant reward. You need it right now. There is no guarantee you want it anymore after a while.

And besides, it's far in the future, surely there are more options coming up later to make things up. 


There are times people come to me at work, after trying everything I'm their only hope. After a moment listening to their problem and then running a couple of commands the issue is magically gone. They are left in awe, wondering how I did it. 

Another time there is an issue on some server. I log in, and once again run a few commands. Everything is back up and running smoothly. Others hardly had time to react to the alerts at all before it was already resolved.

Best man for the job

What follows might sound arrogant, and in a way it is. But the fact is, its the truth. I might not like to talk about it too much, or bring too much attention to myself. Sometimes I just need to remind myself how awesome I am, to actually be that good in those situations where I'm expected to shine.

This week alone I have sat in three meetings where I was The Most Knowable Technical Guy. I had to have the confidence to tell the customer what we can do and how we'll do it. And why our solution is better than everybody elses. All this while sounding credible. 

The more things change...

For some reason in the software industry there is a constant need for developers to "make things better". Or maybe it's not developers, at least not always. It could as well be marketing or management demanding change. There is always a need for new releases. Same old doesn't have the profits written in it.

Leading by example

As a leader, I feel like I need to show an example to my team. Being there doing the things that are expected from them and showing them how to do all those things. But the fact is I can't do everything. I admit I don't even know how to do all the things our team is responsible anymore.

So no, leading by example is not about showing how to do things first hand. I need to focus on bigger things. I have no time to worry about every little detail. I don't have time to learn all that. Not do I have time to become an actual expert on everything.

At home again

No matter how close or far, with family, friends or alone, it's always nice to get back home. Another weekend away is now behind and we are back home. Even if it was just a few days it's still nice to be back.

There is nothing wrong being away. Usually, it's really nice. Seeing new places or old friends alike. Spending some time with family and relatives we don't see too often. It's nice indeed. 

Fitting everything in 200 words

When I started writing I chose 1600 characters as my daily writing target. The idea was to try to get as close to that as possible. Write enough to fill roughly a page of text while trying to squeeze even a complex idea or thought in that limited space.

So my goal wasn't just to write every day or to hit a certain amount of words. But also to learn to write more compact text. To weed out all the extra words and focus on the essential. 

I'm speechless

I just read what my son @dotto wrote yesterday here. I really don't know what to say after that. I'm simply humbled, honoured and proud.

I probably need to write a proper response to that someday. But right now I'm way too emotional to think clearly enough. To write something that is a worthy response to such appreciation and openness.

More wrong

Being right feels great. Even so much that even if we are wrong it's hard to admit. Sometimes we don't even realize it, we are not open enough to see the truth and change our mind. Because we don't want to feel less great and show our fallacy.

I think of myself as a rational human. I can think critically about matters. But even so, sometimes I find myself defending some point of view long after I have been proven wrong. Even if you realize it, it's still hard to change your mind.

If you were chased by a hippo...

... would you rather have the powers of Batman or Superman? That's an interesting question. And probably not what you expected. But I'm sure there would be a lot to talk about it no matter which answers you'd choose.

Questions are funny things. They are good conversation starters and can keep any conversation going on. And it doesn't have to be as obscure as my example. Just simple things can ignite a meaningful conversation. You just need to keep asking them.

The Words unwritten

I can write words, a lot of them if needed. But I feel like I don't write enough Words. It's easy to write just something, without meaning. At least enough to fill the daily goals. It's also easy to write about some given topic. A text that revolves around a concrete concept isn't that hard to produce for me no matter what is the subject.

All at once between nothing

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Feels like I haven't got a moment to slow down and rest. There has been something going on every day. I've been so busy that I haven't even been able to keep up my daily task goals or streaks. A good start from the break didn't hold for long. Now I just need to get myself back on track.

We need to go deeper

It's hard enough to try to play somebody you are not. It's even harder when that character is trying to hide his personality and also pretends to be somebody else. And then, sometimes you are handed a character who can't even always control when the other person is in charge.

Slippery when wet

It is the wonderful time of the year when during the day there are a couple of degrees above zero and the snow starts melting. Then, during the night it drops below zero and everything freezes. It might seem like there is some sand on the road to combat the slipperiness, but it's all covered with a thin layer of ice.

I left early towards the train station predicting this and still, I barely made it in time due to the fact of being forced to walk really carefully. It took almost one and a half times as long for me to walk that distance.

Filler words

Ok, here we go. Already gotten started so the biggest step has been taken. Moving steadily forward, just putting words after words. The first paragraph is already almost full.

While it might seem like it's quite easy to just write nonsense it actually isn't. Well, of course, if it is really just random words then maybe. But trying to still keep up with somewhat coherent sentences isn't much easier than writing something that is somewhat sensible.

Classified tasks

I'm always on the lookout improving my productivity. Recently I came across a classification method called Eisenhower matrix which assigns two qualities to the task and helps you decide if you should do it right away, postpone it or delegate it to somebody else.

After reading about it I was a bit disappointed I was basically already doing it. So nothing new for me. But never the less it's still a really good method deciding the priority of tasks.

It's been a long week

...and it's only Tuesday. Somehow I have been quite tired, feels like haven't still recovered from the last week and now this one is already full on.

And it won't get any quieter before the week is over. Somehow things tend to accumulate and this week is one of those where I have something for almost every day. Today was the only day I had nothing. And I still feel tired.