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Simple and secure

Complex home automation system can fail in many ways, but the most important thing that I really don't want it to be failing is security. Making everything connected just opens too many new possible attack vectors.

Of course the automation and "smarts" can also improve home security. Monitoring the activity and access can tell you immediately if there is something wrong. A smart system can also mimic normal living conditions automatically while you are away making it not too apparent that the house is empty.

Dumb home

Automation is great. I've done a lot of it during my career. At my work it's almost essential to automate as much as possible. It's not just not having to repeat the boring tasks or even the efficiency. The most important reason is the repeatability.

At work those tasks are almost always the same. There are bo situations when you need to do some small part of it differently. So 4he automation doesn't really need much of any "smart" logic.

Change the future past today

The year is 2042. You look back 20 years and wish you'd have done things differently. But it's too late now, too late to change those things, too late to start anymore. If only you'd have a second chance.

The year is 2022. By miracle you have travelled back in time 20 years. You know where you want to be 20 years from now. You know what needs to change to get there. It is not too late to start now. You still have plenty of time. You have the power to change the future today!

Satire too real

Don't look up is the latest Netflix original movie to take a critical look on the current matters. With a cast of well known stars it tries to take a stab on many things that are wrong currently on the world, especially the major ignorance and lack of serious reaction to concrete thread of mass extinction.

While the thread is made up (even if it could also be real) the reaction of the governments, general public, media and capitalistic powerhouses feel way too real. It's hard to laugh on this satire when the exactly same thing is happening in real world.

Another year gone by

This year, the 2021 has only a few hours left. It was the second year of COVID lockdowns and living in this new world order. Because of that it would first appear not much happened during the year as there were not much opportunities to travel or go to any events.

My first computer

What do you think wad my first computer? Perhaps a back in the days popular Commodore 64, or some Amiga, maybe the infamous 500. Maybe it was just the boring early model PC? Of you are a long time reader of my posts you might have a clue... But you would probably still be wrong.

My first computer(s) was not really a computer. I have been fascinated by the computer technology as far as I can remember. Back then even the simplest machines cost fortunes and we weren't exactly on the wealthier brackets. Also nobody would have given a six year old a computer.

No more stats

After I reached my one year streak with multiple tracks earlier this year I started to break those streaks one by one. I felt like it had become more of a burden to keep up so many streaks artificially. After all I had already established the habits and was quickly returning the streaks after breaking them.

Despite not taking any more pressure on not breaking any streaks and just following them for mere curiosity I soon realized even the tracking itself is a bit of a burden. An unnecessary chore I had to remember to do every day.

Public holidays

Next year is the worst possible year for us Finns in accordance to public holidays. Out of the possible maximum of 10 public holidays falling on a week day we will only get 7 in year 2022. Luckily after thar it goes back to 9 in 2023 and we hit a streak of jackpots on the following two years.

We have total of 14 public holidays in Finland. Three of those are always on weekends and four always on a weekday. The remaining six are based on a fixed date so they can fall on any day of the week.

Extended Christmas leave

Unlike @Peter Dannock I don't get compensated with extra days of if s public holiday falls on a weekend. So I was supposed to return to work already today. I was kinda looking forward to it. As I wrote earlier I enjoy these semi vacation periods when most of the people are off and I can focus on tasks that have been put aside on any other time.

We have Star Trek at home

There is a popular meme where kids want some brand food (or any other thing) and mom replies "we have x at home". Of course the version of whatever was in question at home is always inferior to the desired one.

For a long time I have been putting off watching the show the Orville. I got an impression it was just making fun of Star Trek, one of my all time TV franchises. During summer, when there weren't any "brand" space shows running I finally decided to give it a try. After all i had read good things about it. And I'm glad I did.

Space origami

ESA's Ariane 5 rocket launched NASA's James Webb space telescope into space today in cooperation with CSA. Another multi-billion dollar project that was more than a decade overdue ( not to mention the almost 10 -fold budget from the original estimate.

Christmas Eve

It's the time of the year to settle down, spend time with the family, eat good food and exchange gifts. Everybody has their own traditions, both carried over from their own families as well as those invented just for them.

These unique combinations make each christmas special. We have spent many Christmases with both of our own parents and families. In recent years we have started to spend them just among our own family.

Last work day of the year?

Tomorrow it's already the Christmas eve. It's a public holiday and many are starting their holidays today. Usually it's more economical to have full week of vacation during Christmas days as they are all public holidays. This year, however between Christmas and new year only the eve falls on a weekday.

Hitting the tongue with a hammer

I like spicy food. Even though I have tried to tone it down in recent years even my "mild" might be extremely spicy for those who haven't used to it. Despite that there are products that are way put of my (or anybody elses) league if consumed as is.

The hottest I have tried tasting raw was the Ultra Death 20 years special edition. At around 1,2 million scovilles it's one of the hottest chili sauce in the world not using extracts. Just a small drop of it was almost unbearable.

21st hour

As I'm writing this it's 21st hour of 21st day (of 12th month) of the 21st year of the 21th century. Almost perfect time. I just should have finished this post over half an hour earlier to also get the minutes right. Next time we can get this close to such series wont happen until 101 years from now.

Bad time to ask quotes

Yesterday we finally sat down with our new neighbours to discuss about the plans and what changes and improvements we would like to do. The previous owner had already told us they are nice people and open with improvements regarding the house. I had also met them briefly before and the first impression was good.

Language of Good

Toki pona is a constructed language created by Sonja Lang in 2001. The language is an attempt to create a vocabulary that encourages simplicity and positivity.

The language consist of only 137 core words using 14 letters (a, e, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, s, t, u, w). All the words are constructed so that it should be easy to pronounce them for people with different language backgrounds.

Story of a foam

You don't have to be dyslexic to read words wrong (but it helps). It's usually the first encounter that determines whether you get it right or wrong. After that our minds tend to optimize things and just use the stored interpretation instead of bothering to go through each letter.

Only later when you try to write the word and see the red line under it you realize your mistake. Of course if you never have the need to write the word you will probably never find out.

Cheesy albums

There are music albums titled [movie name] ost which of course means the soundtrack of that movie. But ost is also cheese in swedish.

Finland is a bilingual country. Our official language besides Finnish is Swedish. This means that while only a fraction of Finns actually speak Swedish mostly everything needs to be labeled in both languages. It is also mandatory to study both languages in our schools.

Half a decade of writing

I remember when my writing streak reached the two year mark. I was finally able to say that I had been writing for years. Now, three years later I can truly talk about years of writing with confidence and not just barely stretching the "s" there at the end.

Starting from today while enjoying using the years to refer my streak I can also already start talking about decades. Sure, it's "only" half a decade, for now.