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Has the singularity already been reached

Wikipedia describes technological singularity as:

A hypothetical future point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization.

ChatGPT and other LLM models can already produce aid to the developers such that could theoretically be used to improve itself leading to a iterative process where ultimately the result could be a conscious artificial mind.

15 hour work week

Almost a hundred years ago a great English economist John Maynard Keynes predicted that by 2030 the productivity would have raised so much that people would only need to work 15 hours per week to achieve basic standard of living. While the productivity has certainly gone up we are nowhere near working that few hours to make a living.

Even the (yet again in the news) four day work week has been criticized being too optimistic and impossible to implement regardless of the positive result studies have shown it to bring. And that would still be double the hours Keynes predicted.

Egyptian cotton

Our old bedclothes started to be really old. It might have been time to renew them already a bit earlier, but better late than never.

We spend roughly one third of our lives in bed. So a little luxury is definitely warranted for. The previous ones weren't ba din any sense. Judging how long they served us they were at least well made. So wouldn't want to give up on that this time either. Besides durability the comfort is a big thing. Having that smooth feel when wrapping yourself under covers is nice.

Sense of helping

I've always found joy helping others in my work. So when I accepted my current position I was exited that now I can help even more people. At this level it's however a bit different.

The "help" I'm able to provide is more indirect. It doesn't feel the same anymore when I can help tens of people at once with my actions and decisions. Sure it's great when you think about it in the big picture. But it doesn't give the same personal satisfaction than being able to help somebody directly with their problem.

World book day

Today is the World book day. Or at least one of them. There are many such days celebrated around the world. This one is from UK and Ireland where the day is promoting reading to the school children. That's the main reason it was moved to the first Thursday of March instead of keeping it at thr same time as the "official" World book day by UNESCO that is on 23rd of April.

Well done, ChatGPT

I asked ChatGPT to tell me some interesting facts about number 2266. The results were quite interesting, but not due to the number itself being that interesting. The following are the eight "facts" it gave me as a result:

Is an even number - Yes this is true, but not that interesting. Half of the numbers are!

Is a composite number - Again true, but even less interesting as most of the numbers are composite numbers i.e. not prime numbers.

Is a four-digit number, with two repeating digits - Yeah, true but still not interesting.

ChatGPT is taking over the world

Reading news these days (at least in my personal bubble) feels like the AIpocalypse is already here. There was this one guy last year who was working with Google's conversational AI and was eventually convinced it had become sentient. After OpenAI published their ChatGPT and especially the version of powered by it became available via Microsoft there has been many others to join the choir.

If I was granted a wish

There are many things one could ask if they vere granted a wish. There are the obvious world peace and more selfish unlimited wealth or immortality, but I would have to choose something to wish for myself I wouldn't pick any of those. I would want to be able to sing.

Sure, I can sing anytime, but ain't pretty. I haven't been blessed with a voice to sing nor the ear for music. I'm sure given time somebody could teach me to sing poorly, but for me to sing so that it would be more than bearable to others would require a miracle. Or at least that's what I've been told my whole life.

Quest for better coffee

More like a sidequest actually, at least in the beginning...

I was looking for a thermos can for coffee. Our trusty old Moccamaster still makes decent coffee, but keeping coffee warm on that thing isn't too energy efficient. It's not a problem on days when we wake up at around the same time. But some mornings we wake up at different times. The first one up makes the coffee and leaves the machine on to keep the coffee hot until the other one wakes up. Just keeping the coffee hot takes roughly 0,5kW of power.

The spice that isn't

Curry is a common spice used in many dishes, especially when siming for that eastern flavour. But it is not in fact a spice on it's own. The powder known as curry is actually a mix of different spices. The ingredients vary, but the most common ones include ginger, garlic, fennel, mace, cumin, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon and turmeric.

Aliens from planet earth

I'm currently reading the second book in Adrian Tchaikovsky's the Children of Time series. The first book already introduced an alien civilization that was in fact just a hype revolved version of Life from Earth. This second book continues with the same theme and introduces another, completely different civilization also originating from earth.

Wash it down with a glass of water

It is quite common to finish the meal by drinking a glass of water (or whatever is your preferred drink). There might, or might not be dome health benefits to it. I tried to look it up, but seems it's quite controversial with studies supporting both sides. At least it can't be too unhealthy as long as your preferred drink isn't unhealthy to begin with. Some studies even suggest drinking before eating to improve your metabolism.

Downhill Tuesday

Today is shrove Tuesday (or pancake day). It's one of those Church holidays that has mostly lost it's meaning, just like the pagan holiday it replaced earlier. Originally in Christian calendar the shrove Tuesday was the last day before Lent - a 40 day fasting before easter.

Ant mania

We went to see the latest Marvel movie Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania today with the whole family. The movie definitely upped a notch on the weird scale bringing sll sorts of weird quantum realm creatures on the screen (and stretching the definition of quantum quite far).

While there were some quantum mechanic principles weaved in the story it was rather far fetched as far as the definition of science fiction goes. But then again, even though they are playing around with the quantum mysteries nobody ever claimed it woud be sci-fi. So I'll leave it at that.

The next "next generation"

The first episode of the third (and final) season of the Star Trek: Picard premiered this week. I had high hopes for the show as it appealed to my nostalgia by bringing some of my favourite characters from my childhood back on screen. Unfortunately the first two seasons of the show have been a hit and miss at it's best, not quite sure what it wants to be.

Soft and smart

Smart home is much more than just having "smart" appliances and gadgets around the house. The smart home to me is more about smart choices enabling smart living. All the little quality of life improvements that can be done to make life easier counts.

One of such things is soft close everything. Cabinets, drawers, even toilet seat. It's a small thing that doesn't seem that important. One, that is also quite hard to live without once you have had it.

Aerial spiral

It is often thought that words heli and copter form the word helicopter but it is in fact the other way around. Words like helipad are just using the heli part as a reference to helicopters as is the copter used as a short form of it, sometimes also part of the name of other similar devices like quadcopter.

Busy train

I want to the office today. I went there by train. Yet here I am, writing in the evening instead of having had dealt with it on my way to the office. Or latest on my way back.

It wasn't because I would have forgotten. I did remember (and hardly could forget as it's still a subconscious routine). It wasn't due not coming up with a topic and lack of having something to write about.

The train was just too full to be able to write comfortably. Both ways.